Start Your Build on Solid Ground

Hire us for professional excavation services in the Weymouth, Braintree, Duxbury, MA & surrounding areas.

Leveling your land is an important step in any construction project. CMC Hardscape and Masonry Inc. in Weymouth, Braintree & Duxbury, MA offers professional excavation and skid steer services. Whether you're building a home addition or expanding your backyard patio, we'll shape and level out your land to create a reliable surface for you to build on.

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A professional approach to aid preparation

As the earth settles, your home's foundation may shift. But with professional excavation and skid steer services from CMC Hardscape and Masonry Inc., you won't have to worry about your home's structure. We'll create a strong and reliable foundation from the start.

Our professionals will:

  • Maneuver around existing structures.
  • Ensure proper yard drainage.
  • Use a skid steer to level out your land.

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